jueves, 7 de mayo de 2015

The heart is bigger than conventions allow for

Via Narasshi

In fatherly or motherly love:

- My son.
- Yes?
- I have another son now, so I cannot love you anymore.
- What? That cannot be right.

In brotherly love:

- My friend.
- Yes?
- I have a new friend now, so it’s over between us.
- What? That cannot be right.

In romantic love:

- My love.
- Yes?
- I have a new lover now, but I still love you.
- Oh you sonofabitch.

Such it is.
And this has caused no end of grief and trepidation.
We have said it is like that and accepted it.
It’s a sin.

But evil and sin are different things: sin is simply violating the conventions of society.

There are hearts that are not bound by convention.
And they are shamed.

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